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Winter 2017 ~ Yoga Retreat

Discover the Intelligence of the Body

“You must discover for yourself whether the whole organism, the physical entity, can be aware of itself.  You may be aware of the movement of an arm, a leg or the head, and through that movement sense that you are becoming aware of the whole, but what we are asking is: can the body be aware of itself without any movement?  This is essential to find out because thought has imposed its pattern on the body, what it thinks is right exercise, right food and so on.  So there is the domination of thought over the organism; there is consciously or unconsciously a struggle between thought and the organism.  In this way thought is destroying the natural intelligence of the body itself.  

Does the body, the physical organism, have its own intelligence?  It has when all the senses are acting together in harmony so that there is no straining, no emotional or sensory demands of desire.  When one is hungry one eats but usually taste, formed by habit, dictates what one eats.  So fragmentation takes place.  A healthy body can be brought about only through the harmony of all the senses which is the intelligence of the body itself.  What we are asking is: does not disharmony bring about the wastage of energy?  Can the organism’s own intelligence, which has been suppressed or destroyed by thought, be awakened?”

– J. Krishnamurti

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