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This is a list of products I recommend to my yoga therapy students and members of the Vidya Yoga Community. Please email me at for anything you don't see below. 

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Yoga Mat

Jade Yoga Mat. Comes in many colors and provides nice padding and grip for new and seasoned yogis. Made of natural rubber, a renewable resource.

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Travel Yoga Mat

My favorite travel yoga mat by Manduka. I traveled with this mat for 6 months. It's lightweight, easy to clean, and comes in bright colors.

Yoga Blanket

Handmade Yoga Blanket. Helpful for propping as well as to cover yourself with during your final relaxation. I'd recommend getting two of these as they come in handy.

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Yoga Props and Gifts

Purchase yoga props and gifts from Yoga Clicks that are sustainable and created by yogis, for yogis.

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Foam Yoga Blocks

These foam blocks are great for beginners because they're lightweight yet have a high density to them, so they provide the support needed.

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Cork Yoga Blocks

Support your practice with a strong foundation. Cork blocks are the best option for new and seasoned students. Manduka 2 Yoga Blocks Set. Comes with a bonus 10 foot Yoga Strap.

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Back Jack for Meditating

Back Jack floor chair for meditating. Seat is made of foam and this size fits most people. It's unusually comfortable and comes in many different colors!

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Organic Lavendar Eye Pillow

Organic Eye Pillow filled with Flax Seed and Lavender. Great for a relaxing shavasana.

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Yoga Bolster

Yoga Bolsters are great for restorative Yoga and finding a comfortable position in Shavasana. This version comes in many colors, has two handles for easy carrying, and a removable cover for easy washing.

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Meditation Cushion

Buckwheat filled Meditation Cushion with removable cover for easy washing. Comes in 6 different colors.


These 10 pound sandbags aid in deepening Yoga poses, offering stability and a sense of grounded-ness to your practice.

7 part audio meditation for the Chakras. The ancient yogis came to know about and care for the human body through deep meditation, direct perception, and practice. Yogis mastered the art of living a healthy and well-balanced life taught us that each part of our body governs many roles, purposes, and emotions. These centers, also known as chakras, have the potential to become imbalanced which can result in physiological or emotional illnesses. 

When we learn more about how to care for these subtle energetic vortexs, they become powerful partners on our path toward health and overall wellbeing. In this experiential, practical, and practice-based audio series, listeners will be thoughtfully led through the chakras. These sessions offer guided meditations, some of which include gentle and easy movement.

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