Teaching Stress Reduction and Yoga to PhD candidates at California State University

A few weeks ago I taught a workshop on stress reduction and yoga to PhD candidates at California State University. For most of them, they are first-generation college students of Hispanic and Middle Eastern heritage who are hoping to become professors to teach the next generation of students coming in.

The idea is that the teachers in the fields of sociology, psychology, ethnic studies, etc will be leaders and teachers in their fields for students coming in who come from similar backgrounds as they do.

The participants are doing important work and research in the areas of migration, transnational issues, feminism, racial and ethnic identity and diversity, and urban studies.

It was such an honor to be able to arm these emerging teachers and leaders with ways to engage in healthy and proactive self-care so that they can continue to make waves doing this important work. This is my second year working with this group <3

Photo used with permission. Check out our awesome lavender eye masks! They each got to take one home to remind them of what they learned that day. 

CSUN 2018.jpg