Chakra Audio Series :: 7 Guided Meditations

The ancient yogis came to know about and care for the human body through deep meditation, direct perception, and practice. Yogis mastered the art of living a healthy and well-balanced life taught us that each part of our body governs many roles, purposes, and emotions. These centers, also known as chakras, have the potential to become imbalanced which can result in physiological or emotional illnesses.

Most of us are aware of the bodies complex physiological structure, but we can sometimes be unaware of the more subtle aspects of this vehicle and how it’s affected in ways that are unseen with the naked eye.

We may mistake or confuse a pain for something physically wrong when it’s really pointing toward an imbalance in the subtle, energetic realm.

About this Audio Series

The purpose of deepening the relationship with one’s chakras is not to improve one’s capacity in the ordinary domains of human life, but to go beyond our mortal and transient seeking and move toward the immortal essence of that which is unknown.

When we learn more about how to care for these subtle energetic vortexs, they become powerful partners on our path toward health and overall wellbeing. 

In this experiential, practical, and practice-based audio series, listeners will be thoughtfully led through the chakras.

These sessions offer guided meditations, some of which include gentle and easy movement. The series offers both short and longer lessons to ensure that listeners always have time for a practice. Choose the audio length to suit the time, with meditations ranging from 5 to 21 minutes in length.