Pittsburgh, PA workshop May 17th, 2018 >> Stress + Ayurveda

Learn specific yoga tools for balancing stress in the body according to Ayurveda. Everyone requires a different stress-relief strategy: What might work for one person could aggravate another, and what might work for you could prove ineffective for your friend. Ayurveda provides specific lifestyle, dietary, herbal, and yogic solutions for each individual that can not only diffuse tension but also help build a foundation for lasting peace of mind.

This workshop is going to focus specifically on types of stress and how to consciously lower and manage stress levels based on what a person’s dosha is and the qualities of stress or anxiety that you are feeling in any given situation.

My goal is to help you understand these qualities and to give you specific take-a-ways of what specific yoga postures, breathing techniques, and lifestyle changes you can make to positively impact the stress levels in your life.


The workshop was a screaming success We had triple the amount of participants that are in this photo and everyone walked away with important information :)

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