Hi! Join me in OJAI in MARCH for a THREE-DAY RETREAT that will be AMAZING. Here are some details -->

TITLE: Listening to the Unknown; Embodied Self Knowledge


DATES: MARCH 2-4, 2018

View the three-day schedule here. 

This program is a good fit for you if you…

…find it interesting to explore your inner world within the context of dialoguing with others.

…have interest in yoga.

…are a beginner yogi or seasoned practitioner. Classes are therapeutic and address all parts of a person, therefore, physical ability level doesn’t necessarily matter.

…are brand new to dialogue or are familiar with the approach. We all meet one another in a fresh way where we are at within the context of each dialogue.

Note that the first day we will discuss the process of dialogue and what it entails.


Here's what other people are saying...

Nic: “I want to thank you for the weekend and especially the “reintroduction” back to yoga for me. I can only do so much with stretching at home and this weekend has made me realize how much a classroom environment is beneficial. I drove home (4.5 hours – the yoga we did yesterday afternoon was great for that) and, after a shower, I dropped to the floor and practiced some of the poses we did. I like seeing my body become more flexible, even after just a short weekend of yoga. I want to explore even further. I enjoyed my first visit to the KFA and the weekend activities overall. Thanks again for making it a pleasant experience.”

Shalimar and Julio: “Thank you for hosting a wonderful yoga retreat weekend. We had a great time in Ojai and have been encouraging others to take your next retreat.”


PLEASE message me ( with any questions. We purposely keep the costs low so that these resources are available to anyone interested in taking part in this inner work.

If you have been wanting to get more involved with what I do, offer, or teach, this is a great opportunity <3

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