Support Your Recovery Lifestyle in Ways You’ve Never Considered

Now that you’re open to learning more ways to support your addiction recovery lifestyle, the options are limitless. There will be many twists and turns and there may be days when you feel like just giving in. Remember why you are here and what is important to you. Your recovery is now one of, if not the most, important thing in your life. There are so many tools available to you and I would like to share a few very specific, and sometimes overlooked, tools that you can use anywhere and anytime of the day.

3 Addiction Recovery Lifestyle Tips:

Feel your body… Being aware of your body is a huge win in recovery. Being able to understand and watch the fluctuation of your emotions and thoughts throughout your day can be a daunting task. So it’s a good thing that you only have to be aware of this moment in your body, right now. Take a moment and try it. Close your eyes and feel your body. Feel just the right side. Then just the left side. Now feel your whole body as one unitive whole. By practicing and learning how to regularly scan your body, you are empowering yourself to thrive in your new, addiction recovery lifestyle

Take a breath… It might actually feel kind of silly to think about this. However, the shift that happens when you move from living in your thinking mind to living in your body is palpable. Your recovery lifestyle will be clearer. Try it now by feeling your chest rise as you breathe in, and your belly fall as you breathe out. Repeat this 5 times. Now try counting to 4 as your breathe in, and 6 as you breathe out. End by taking a few natural breaths and relaxing your lower jaw as you exhale.

Take a break… You have permission to take a break. You have permission to rest. You have permission to feel your body and take a breath. Combine the first two practices by lying down and getting comfortable. Set a timer for 6 minutes, and place an eye pillow over your eyes. Start by feeling your body, one part at a time, and end by counting to 4 as you breathe in, and 6 as your breathe out.

Congratulate yourself! Your addiction recovery lifestyle should feel more comfortable! You just taught yourself and engaged in three very specific tools to strengthen your body, mind, and spirit. Remember, you can whip these out anywhere you go, and they are always available to you. Keep practicing these tools and share them with those in your recovery community. That’s what a fulfilling addiction recovery lifestyle is all about. Sharing and reminding others of these self-care techniques is an invaluable gift for both you and your community.

Originally written for iMed Recovery