3 Day Retreat // The Illusion of the Self

The Illusion of the Self was the topic...facilitating 11 people for 3 days is hard work... I'm not so sure what this prepares me for exactly, but I learned so, so much about the art of facilitating and leading. I've co-lead plenty, but this was my first time solo... I feel it went well and I look forward to applying what I learned next time :) We had a great time and had people from all over the world: Chicago, a couple from New Zealand, Napa Valley, Washington D.C, Woodland Hills, and more. We had ages ranging from college age to 75-80+. What a special weekend spent with people from all walks of life coming together to look at some meaningful life questions. Special thanks to Mukta for some of the photos, and for helping with the food and the flow of it all <3

Here are the videos we watched: 

Friday Videos:



Saturday Videos:



Sunday Video: