Yoga Remedies for Stress and Anxiety

During this workshop, we will be learning about the ways in which stress and anxiety effect our lives, our bodies and our overall health and ways to effectively manage these things. There are many symptoms of stress: lowered immunity, poor concentration and difficulty breathing to name a few. This workshop will cover: simple breathing suggestions and exercises to calm the nervous system, simple yoga postures to support healthy breathing and posture, explanation of both abhyanga, or self-massage, and some kriyas, or bodily cleansing techniques. Class will end with a deep guided relaxation and opportunity to sit quietly, or meditate.

There is no experience necessary and those especially suffering from prolonged stress are encouraged to attend. You will leave feeling refreshed and with a new outlook on how you can approach the challenges of a fast-paced life.

For more information, and to sign up, please visit the Yoga Jones website here. The investment is $30.00 and free mini chair massages will be offered after the workshop. Please also reply to this email or show up at Yoga Jones about 1:45 pm on Saturday to join the class!

If this workshop doesn't sound like something that could benefit you or you cannot be in attendance on Saturday, please share this information and flyer with someone who it could possibly impact or support or contact me about setting up a private session.

I do plan on offering more 'Yoga Remedies' workshops every couple of months so please look for my next offering.