How To: Hope

How To: Hope

We all want to be happy. We all want to be loved and to love. When things don’t turn out the way we wanted them to, we might feel sad, angry, confused, hurt, or experience dozens of other feelings. Our expectations have not been met and we feel let down.

How can ‘Hoping’ help you manage emotions?

Cultivating and understanding hope may be the answer you’re looking for. Hoping is available to you at any time and in any place. Anyone can hope for anything.

Hope is what you feel when you ease your own burden of trying to control an outcome and allow things to happen as they will inevitably happen. You hope for a certain outcome and then you allow yourself to let go of anything extra or unnecessary you’re feeling about that situation or individual.

There is no time frame

The difference between hoping and expecting is in time. When we expect, we have an end resolution in mind that will happen at a certain time.

When we hope, we are not attached to an outcome or to something happening at a certain time. Hoping free’s up our mind for other things.

You feel lighter and more open

We can hope for anything. We can hope for someone who has done us wrong to have a great day today. We can hope for the mailman to win the lottery from the scratch off ticket we bought him for christmas.

When we hope, we are leaving the outcome open to whatever possible outcome that could happen to happen.

Try it:

First, think of something right now that you have felt worried or stressed about. Think of a positive outcome to that situation.

For example: you’re giving a presentation and you’re nervous. So you hope that you do well and people enjoy your presentation.

Allow yourself to focus on this positive outcome for just a moment. You could even imagine it happening in your head. Allow yourself to fully be present here.

Then, as much as possible, stop worrying and thinking. Know that you have hoped for the best and that when and if the situation does not turn out the way you’d have liked it to, you will be okay with it.

Remember, hope by definition, has no end and is not in time. So, when something doesn’t turn out the way you like, it does not affect your feeling of hope.

Hope is something that is never ending, like a waterfall crashing over a mountain, flowing and gushing endlessly into a canyon. Practice hoping daily, for both small and large things. See if hope becomes part of your vocabulary and frame of mind.


I hope you enjoyed reading this article :)