Spring Cleaning with Style

Spring has Sprung and there is motivation for clearing away old clutter, organizing and setting up new processes around your home or business!

How to Win Free Product

One of my sponsors, Cord Controller, has invented a neat new way for taming unruly messes and bringing order into your home. We did a product giveaway in October 2013 and had over 50 entries!

Shall we run another contest?

Remember: I give talks on organization, de-cluttering and stress reduction every few months and give away a Cord Controller to a lucky audience member! 

About the Creator 

The creator of Cord Controller, Karen Mask, is no stranger to organization as it relates to safety and practicality. She lead a construction management company for more than 20 years and created Cord Controller as a way to bring peace of mind into work spaces and homes. 

Why we Work Together

Karen loves the idea of having someone like me talking about her product because she sees the value and logic of having a neat and tidy space surrounding you. She knows it directly links to stress levels and a healthy lifestyle.

I love the fact that I get to talk about her product because I know first hand how important it is for my clients to have a safe space to practice yoga and meditation, get their to-do list accomplished and to live and enjoy their lives in the spaces they have created for themselves.

When our outer world is simplified and orderly, we have a better chance of being about to go about our daily yoga or meditation practice or start in on our to-do list!

Why use Cord Controller?

They provide a solution to a problem that almost every one of us faces. The product is versatile enough and allows for hundreds of uses

I recently introduced the product to a coaching client of mine who lives with ADHD. We were able to use Cord Controller to bring order to her workspace both functionally and visually. This reduced a lot of stress for her and was a big part of getting her office organized. 

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that this product will come in handy at some point in your life. Whether you're on vacation, hosting a party or just going about your day. I personally began using Cord Controller about 6 months ago and have enjoyed both the beautiful colors and the versatility of the product. I recommend checking out Cord Controller today!