What is it Like Working with a Professional Organizer?

My Commitment to You

I am committed to serving our clients in becoming more successful in their home, business and personal lives. This may mean de-cluttering your living space, getting priorities in order or having better time-management. Getting things organized saves you time, money, resources, and energy. 

I am committed to changing lives through making authentic connections with our clients through their own connections they make with themselves. This is important during the organizing process because it will help you to align what you want your home or business to look like based on what you really want and need. 

I support you in this process by teaching you how to assess your surroundings and your items, how to tune into what it is you really want and how to understand and recognize what it is you are wanting to achieve. I do this from a place of clarity and groundedness based on years of experience teaching others to do this very same thing!

When you work with me you may experience the following:

  • Strength and courage to see 'what is.' This is helpful during the organizing process to discern what is important to you and what isn't
  • The ability to be present and live confidently in the unknown. When you organize you may find you had things you didn't know you had - the unknown! You may experience feelings that you have not felt in a long time. This is where having a professional is helpful.
  • The freedom to let go and get rid of what is no longer serving you. What do you have that you don't love, need or use? I teach you how to let go of those items physically and, if necessary, energetically. 
  • Permission to be open or vulnerable to yourself and those you love. Many times we are holding onto things for reasons we do not really understand. Are you keeping a shirt your sister gave you years ago (but have never worn) because you miss your sister? Because you feel guilty? 
  • Opportunity to connect with what you are feeling. I give you the space and permission to fully feel what you are feeling during the organizing process. 

My Holistic Approach

I view you as a whole person. This means I see YOU and not your clutter or your disorganization. I take time to get to know you and listen to what is happening for you in your day-to-day life.

This holistic approach leads you to clarity, peace of mind and balance in your home, business and life. I align your inner world with your outer world based on your individual needs, values, and desires by implementing procedures and processes into your life that you can easily practice and maintain. 

Flower image credit from web // Thomas Normanno

Flower image credit from web // Thomas Normanno

How I Do It

From a place of deep listening, empathy, compassion and creativity I blend various self-knowledge modalities and organizational techniques to support an intentional transformation. I draw from years of experience working one-on-one with private organizing clients and trainings in healing modalities. 

I use practical and intuitive processes from the transformative fields of yoga, meditation and professional organizing as a means to connect you with what is important to you. I personalize it so it's right for you and so you can manage and maintain your new organizational system.


Are you prepared to transform your life by connecting with what is important to you and clearing away the rest? 

Are you prepared to have more energy and attention to devote to the things you value and love? 

I can help with these things by implementing tested systems and processes into your daily routine. 

Contact me here to schedule an assessment today!