Organize With Cord Controller: A Review and a Giveaway

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Control Your Cords


Hey y'all, Francesca here! There's a new product on the market and it's called 'Cord Controller.' The makers of Cord Controller sent us some of their new products to try out, and, after using it in our own home, we want to share the goodies with you (enroll in our contest at the end of this blog to win a free one!). Cord Controller offers solutions for those unruly cords around your home, office and in your life.

As a Professional Organizer, I like the idea of using Cord Controller to help clients contain their holiday lights and their large extension cords (the extra large size would work best here)! I have worked countless times with clients who need assistance in their storage areas or in their garages and there has yet been such an effective, and attractive, solution to contain their tangled cords.

Cord Controller works when you're traveling or on the go, in your home or office (think: technology, garage, kitchen!). The creator of the product visited hundreds of Construction Sites in her former career and says the extra large size would work to control even those huge cords. I really like the color options and have been having fun coordinating the product with my different colored cords! 




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Size and Color

Cord Controller comes in 5 sizes (extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large) and 6 colors (blue, red, black, purple, pink, and beige). Which means it can work with everything from industrial cords to something as small as iPhone cords - with 5 sizes to choose from, there are a lot of cords that can be organized with a size and color for everybody.

In my line of work, safety in the home and office is something I like to keep in mind. All of us, especially children, can be prone to tripping over cords. Additionally, having many cords in one area can be a fire hazard. The solution? You guessed it: Cord Controller solves this problem and this is invaluable to those looking to transform their spaces not only aesthetically, but functionally. There is also a loop at the top of the product so it can be hung on a hook in the garage, bedroom, or bathroom.

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Putting it to the Test

We have tried out this product with all of our various sized cords and we have to say, it's great and it does what it says it does!

When it comes to durability, it's made of a strong, non-elastic fabric. However, it can stretch to wrap a large amount of cord, because it uses an accordion design to create more surface area. Everyone loves velcro. Every size (except for the smallest) uses two strong velcro straps to hold the Cord Controller tight together.

It is very usable. Offices can use Cord Controller for the many wires that can too easily pile up in closets and behind desks. Garages are another place we think of with the many extension cords, elastic straps, and christmas lights.

Finally, the design is great. The different colors can help organize cords baed on their various uses or categories. Cord Controller is easy to use and understand because the design is so simple and user-friendly. Just open it up, place the wire in, and velcro it tight. 

Overall, we would give this product five stars out of five, because it is very durable, usable, and makes a good addition to the organized space without adding more clutter.

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