How Yoga Supports Your Organizing Process

It may not seem like a direct connection to you but YOGA and ORGANIZING connect!


Here's how:

Yoga gives you strength and courage to face ‘what is.' This supports your organizing efforts because you are better able to make decisions based on the 'what is' and not an idea of what should be.

Yoga teaches presence. This provides an opportunity for you to be present with your stuff- thus allowing for clarity in decision making.

Yoga can allow you to live in the unknown and be okay with that. It i scary sometimes to think about what it would be like to live without all of the stuff you've always had. 

Yoga can be an exercise in letting go. Learning how to let go on different levels can be healing and is a beautiful thing. 

Through the practice of yoga it may make items seem less important and personal, thus making it easier to purge and declutter.

Yoga may allow you to be more open or vulnerable to yourself, your things, or your organizer. This only aids in the decluttering process.

Yoga lets you connect with what matters most to you. Why keep that old shirt if you have 10 others that you wear on a regular basis? 

Yoga provides opportunity to be alone and okay with yourself. Sometimes a person might be holding on to things because of a deeper issue.

There are probably many more ways that yoga and organizing connect... what do you think?