On Beginning a Holistic Organizing Session

Close your eyes.

Okay, now you have to open them again to read the next sentence. But - seriously, when we close our eyes we can begin to tune out to certain aspects of what we input and begin to notice other aspects of what is going on within and around us. This is how we will begin a Holistic Organizing session. We do not immediately take a look at your things when we begin our sessions. We do not go into the why, what, where, how of the story of your stuff. We begin by taking a moment, maybe longer, to close our eyes and center ourselves. This lays the foundation for us to work together - by beginning here we start the process together. We are both sitting, eyes closed, taking a moment to connect and center. 

Having been teaching yoga publicly and privately for about three years, I have seen first-hand the effect of closing the eyes and looking inward. I have taught two year olds and I have taught 80+ year olds and I have seen that every one can benefit from tuning into themselves and taking a honest step toward centering. By implementing this into holistic organizing sessions we too can accomplish and achieve a 'looking' that will give us a different sense of what it will mean for you to be organized. 

 Through my yoga training and teaching I have gone through my own journey myself - both of the yoga and organizing nature.


I began taking yoga classes in college in Fall of 2006 and soon discovered the correlation between feeling less rushed, more aligned with my own values and goals, and feeling better overall.

My fascination with the mind-body connection grew and even led me to do an Institutional Review Board approved junior research project in my Experimental Psychology course to end my study in Psychology titled, 'Exercise Consciousness.'  I proved through a hands-on control-variable study of my peers and acquaintances that doing yoga postures does effect your outlook on exercise and stress level in measurable ways.


I graduated from college early, in 2009, not due to any amazing feat necessarily, but because I was organized! I worked part time, was the founder and president of two on-campus student groups, and took sometimes up to 21 credits each semester. My point in saying this is that between being a full-time student, a part-time worker, and running two student groups, I still managed to attend two weekly yoga classes, roller skate, and take part in social activities. I figured out early on - over 7 years ago at this point - how to balance the life you want to lead by setting goals and figuring out how to make them happen in your day-to-day life.

This experience supports my holistic organizing business present day. I work individually with people to do the very same thing I did and am currently doing; figuring out what it is that is important to you and taking action.

Personally, I did this by creating excel spreadsheet after excel spreadsheet, color-coded, down to 15 minute increments. I would print out the spreadsheets, hang them right in front of my face over top of my computer (lot's of college papers were written with this spreadsheet in mind!)

This specific tactic may not work for you but there are other methods in achieving your goals. By getting to know your style, preferences, and work habits, together, we can come up with a fantastic way to begin this journey of organizing.

The place where we begin is important. What are your goals? What is happening with you? By closing our eyes and taking a look in a different way we can begin to answer these questions.  

I would love to begin by sitting down with you and taking time to tune in. Contact us when you're ready!