Finding Yourself Through Yoga and Organizing

I simplified and de-cluttered my life last year when I transitioned from a 3-bedroom ranch-style home in Pennsylvania to a one room studio in California traveling with only a suitcase and a backpack. This move brought insight and clarity into my life and through this company, Simple Works Organizing, I aim to share these things with others. Before moving to California, I worked for an East Coast organizing company as both a Professional Organizer and as an office manager for three years and also attended the 2012 National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) Conference. I love everything organizing and love to work one-on-one with others to show them that they can love to organize, too! 

Aside from organizing, I am passionate about yoga - maintaining my personal practice and also teaching.

I began practicing yoga in 2006 during my freshmen year of college and became a Registered Yoga Teacher a few years ago after studying for a year at the Himalayan Institute of Yoga Science and Philosophy. In 2011 I developed my first business, 618 Yoga, as a creative platform to explore, share resources and ideas, and connect with others through yoga, writing, and photos. I continue to teach yoga classes, private lessons, workshops, and retreats in California and Pittsburgh.

yoga poses.jpg
In the past year I have become especially passionate about sharing and combining my love of organizing and teaching yoga.

I have had the pleasure of presenting to Holistic Professional Organizers nationwide on the subject of "The Yoga Philosophy of Holistic Organizing." Here is what their Linkedin page says about Holistic Organizing: 

"Going beyond basic organizing systems and techniques, Holistic Organizers advocate an evolving paradigm for professional organizing that includes a compassionate, heart-centered approach and integrates spiritual/holistic principles and practices (however we each choose to define them). We choose the word “holistic” because it focuses on and respects all aspects of a client’s life—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Our approach is not rooted in any particular spiritual or religious tradition and honors all paths. We consider our work as sacred and know it is possible to transform lives with the work we do in the world."

I am going to begin to share some of these insights and ideas of these two seemingly different worlds right here on this blog.

My goal and intention in facilitating this tele-conference in February was to share my knowledge of the two fields, inspire and provide a blueprint for Professional Organizers to follow if they became interested in introducing some yoga techniques or philosophy into their organizing sessions with their clients. I wanted them to have useful tips and actual practices they could implement into their sessions when helping clients. I believe learning more about yoga and yoga philosophy as it relates to organizing and your life can enhance your well-being and that will transfer into all parts of your life- as you relate to other people, to yourself, and to your belongings! 

I will share with you how yoga and organizing intersect in three areas: Mental and Psychological, Emotional and Personal, and Physical.

I am hopeful that these two worlds can support one another and give us all another way of looking into our own lives and clutter. There are many, many reasons we have trouble getting rid of things. There may be unseen or unnoticed emotional or psychological patterns occurring that contribute to maintaining the level of clutter or disorganization you are experiencing. It will be my job and responsibility to present you, the reader, and any professional organizers reading this, with the tools and ideas on the subject. It will be your job and responsibility to take a look for yourself and honestly take a look at what might be holding you back. 

We are now offering hands-on holistic services combing yoga and organizing to those in the Ojai Valley of California. Connect with us here to book your consultation today!