Your Journey through Organizing Begins with One Step

We have all heard the age-old reminder that a journey anywhere begins with one single step.  This is true for a few reasons. Most literally, a journey anywhere actually does begin with... one... single... step. We can see that it is true that doing anything at all simply begins with choosing to do it and putting your choice into motion through action. Getting organized simply begins with deciding to do so and taking action. Simple enough, right?

What makes this seemingly simple fact hard to act on is just that: thinking something and doing something are different things and require a different action. To make things even more difficult, at times, it is unclear how to even take that first step. Maybe you have taken that first step time and time again to end up going no where. 

There's a quote that was shared with me by Annie Rohrbach, holistic organizer extraordinaire and owner of Conscious Order, when I was creating my tele-class: "Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is about what you learn along the way." Let's apply this to our organizing process and say something like... organizing is not about getting organized but about what you learn along the way. 

Organizing is not about the end result, but what you learn about yourself along the way.

Instead of seeing the goal and working just towards that (ie: touching your toes or the end result or organizing) try viewing what you're doing from another perspective (ie: the journey). 

The learning that takes place during the organizing process is actually more important than the final product. To see this for yourself, try doing something simple that you do every day and do it slowly, more mindfully. Notice your every move physically and your every thought mentally. Notice your own reactions to what you're doing as you're doing it. Notice your own inner dialogue playing and re-playing as you do this task. This will demonstrate how we learn as   we do things, not after. It seems simple enough in theory but to experience it first hand shows this in a different way.

It seems you have two options here: 

1. To get organized all at once in one day or one week only to realize the clutter returns uninvited. 

2. To get organized by taking your time and mindfully learning about your self through the process as it is occurring.

Taking longer to get organized, making mistakes and learning from them, and therefore learning more about yourself along the way seems to bring more quality to the organizing process. It probably won't be quicker, or easier, but it will have long lasting results. 

To get organized means to 1. decide you want to get organized and 2. begin your journey with a single step. We can help you get started on your journey and show you how to begin. Let us know, today, how we can help you!