Make Room: A Review

Make Room is an online tool that allows you to virtually rearrange the spaces you live in. Use it to plan a room of any size with basically every piece of furniture available at the Canadian-based furniture store, Urban Barn.  When your masterpiece is complete you can save your space, email it, or print it out.


Usability - 5 out of 5

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The first thing I noticed about Make Room is that is easy to use. There are no questions about how to move items and walls around, login is fast, and it stays simple. At start-up, there are two options to choose from: A selection of pre-designed rooms from the gallery, or a selection of different sized rooms that start you from scratch. 

From there you see the editor. The gallery of products and symbols are seemingly limitless on the right and above are the editing tools. You can select items and drag, measure and mark measurements, and zoom. After signing up there are also the options of saving, sharing, printing, and opening or starting projects. Oh and don't worry, if you mess anything up you can always undo it.

Anything you think of (or forgot to think of) this editor has. Appliances and outlets, doors and windows, cars and bikes. Even a pool table, people, pets, and a christmas tree. It has close to everything and you can edit the size of anything by clicking on it and manually entering the depth, width, or height. It allows you to rotate the items, add hyperlinks, and add pictures. And if that isn't enough, all of the items' colors can be changed with a basic or advanced color selector. The floor can even be changed to show a pattern.

Utility - 5 out of 5

With the ability to print (without signing up) this free online room editor is the best I've seen. The automatic setting is to print the list of items with the map of the room. However, it does allow you to turn of printing the list and only print the map. It also allows you to show numeric labels on each item, show a grid, measurements, and any photo pages. 

If there is a room that needs rearranging, Make Room is better than pen and paper. Unless you use cut-outs, which would take a long time, traditional pen and paper don't allow you to move around the items. The ease of moving and resizing items is very handy. And what about correct ratios of measurement? When you print you can select your scaling to a number of different settings varying from 1 inch: 1 foot to 1/32 inch: 1 foot. 

Design - 4.5 out of 5

The design is great. There are hundreds of symbols that look great even when you zoom in close. There are many colors and options to make it look great from above. The missing half a point is due to the lack of 3D viewing and pattern selection on items and flooring. Of course, it is free, so the ability to see a 3D model might be too much too ask for. 


All together it is a great program. Urban Barn of course made Make Room for users to see the products they sell fit nicely into spaces. For being free it more than does the trick. You can make the room any size and dimension. You can add practically any item, change its size and color. You can save, print, and share your creations. When it comes to mapping out your room there is really nothing it can't do. Next time I need to rearrange a room I will definitely use Make Room.

And everyone knows the best part of changing the layout of a room is enjoying it when you're done...

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Have a great day!