The Number One Key to Organizing


Spend wisely! Spend less and if you can, spend absolutely nothing. The best way to stay organized is by purchasing only the things you need and nothing more. This will save you loads of money and keep your closets and garages from spilling over with unnecessary items. Of course, this gets tricky, because we all want things we don't necessarily need. So, instead of starting from the perspective of buying anything you want, start from the perspective of buying only the best things you want. For example, instead of buying a new television, save towards a vacation or a new vehicle. Here are a four ways to save money and stay organized:

1. Make Lists - When you go shopping, whether it's for groceries or new furniture, make a list and stick to it. It is tempting to buy everything on sale, but even though there is a sale on the item, you're still spending more money. Go in the store with a list and come out with nothing more that what's on that list. 

2. Make Money - You can also make a list of things to get rid of. Think of having a yard sale or selling on Craigslist and Amazon. You will make more room in your house and you will make money. Double win. 

3. Reuse* - Many times we buy a new bike instead of fixing a broken one. Or we buy a new can of paint instead of reusing the old can. We can easily clutter the house with more things without realizing we could have reused the old. *Really reuse! Staying organized means reusing as soon as you can, not later. If you wait to reuse, the pile of reusable things may get bigger and bigger. It is important to label everything and prioritize, even the things you plan on reusing!

4. Have Fun - Instead of giving in to the habit of shopping, do something fun! Click here for ideas.

Life can move in cycles and these cycles can be positive overtime or negative. If someone buys things that clutter the house, then they will feel less clear and less balanced. When that person feels less balanced, they may feel like buying things to make them feel better, which clutters the house even more. And the cycle continues. 

In order to reverse this negative cycle begin by getting rid of all the excess stuff in your home, you not only make your life much simpler and more peaceful, but you make it harder to buy stuff that will just clutter things up again. Once you’ve simplified your home, you won’t want to go back.

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