5 More Ideas to Organize the Kitchen


We previously posted 5 awesome organizing hacks for your kitchen. Here are 5 more!

1. Rotating Shelf in Fridge - Think of how often you may have lost something in the back of your refrigerator only to find it spoiled several weeks or months later. These type of holders are inexpensive and are often used in spice racks. They can keep your refrigerator organized as well as prevent anything going bad. 


2. Grow Herbs in Old Containers - The only thing better than spicing your dish is spicing your dish with fresh herbs. Instead of buying dried herbs or prepackaged "fresh" herbs, try buying seeds or small plants that have already been started. 

Not only do they add more greenery to the house and kitchen, but also fragrance and style. You can choose used canisters that have matching colors or designs.. the creativity can be endless.


3. Muffin-Pan Condiment Holder - We have posted about a 6-pack Condiment Holder before. Here is another idea, a muffin-pan. There's no need to buy a condiment holder when there are possibilities like this one. You can also use this idea for a cheese and cracker dish or other party snacks.

4. CD Holder Bagel Tote - This one is brilliant! Make a delicious bagel, put it in an old CD holder, and Go! I can think of many times when I've made a bagel and found it all fallen apart in its bag later on. This trick is simple and clean. 


5. Old Spoon Hooks - There are many reasons to hang things in the kitchen. People use hooks for keys, plastic bags, reusable shopping bags, aprons, sprouts, and more. Instead of buying hooks, nail old spoons to a frame and bend the middle so that it sticks out. They look nicer too.


If you have any other kitchen organizing ideas, please share in the comments below.