Wonderful Organizing Ideas

Weekly Works is a collection of links to things we think are wonderful. This week we saw a lot great stuff including medicine cabinet organization tips and beautiful design ideas. As April comes to an end lets make the most of the spring by cleaning out our homes and enjoying the nice days outside. 


Organizing Tips for Traveling. It isn't much fun losing things when you travel so these are ideas for helping you keep things in order when you're on the road. 

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet here and here.

New products to help you stay organized at home

For those who have children, here is a neat way to keep the Legos or Toys Organized.

Transform Trays into Memo Boards and Make Your Own Office Pin-Board

Stitch Your Own Journals! If all you need is paper, string, and two covers, then this project could be really fun!

Having trouble planning and organizing meals? Kyla Roma writes this great post to help out.

We found these handmade plant markers to be very inspiring.

And finally, from Leo at Zenhabits, he says you don't need goals to achieve. Very interesting.