Giving Back

When Zack and I began talking about creating a business we both agreed, from the start, that we wanted to incorporate conscious, deliberate, and sustained support to a non-profit that worked in its field to create change. We both have backgrounds in volunteering and social activism and decided to begin looking for a non-profit we could connect with. It was important to us to find a non-profit that we both felt a personal connection to- an organization that viewed our earth and human life with respect, care, and dignity. 

One of our first clients suggested we look into an organization called "CommonWell Institute International" which focuses on creating peace and poverty-free lives around the world through building, economic advancement, and educational opportunities.

The organization focuses on the future - not the past - and on building and supporting the people and culture in the countries in which they work. CommonWell has worked in Afghanistan since 2003 and more recently began their important work in Rwanda. 

CommonWell Institute International is dedicated to creating opportunities that support secure, economically sustainable communities in conflict and post-conflict environments.

A percentage of our organizing profit goes directly to CommonWell to support their mission. Donate to CommonWell;  they are recognized by the U.S. IRS as a 501 (c) 3 corporation.