How-To: Create Your Own Closet (with less than $10.00)


I live in a room that is around 85 square feet with no closet. I enjoy wearing nice clothing just as much as the next person. There are times when I am getting dressed, only to find the jacket I'm looking for all wrinkled! What to do? 

I came up with a solution that can work for anybody who has the following:

1. $10.00 (to purchase a shower curtain rod and hangers)

2. Two walls that are approximately between three feet and five feet apart

With just ten bucks, a package of hangers, and a shower curtain rod- I can hang up 2 cute little black dresses, about 5 heavy jackets, some nice cardigans, and a couple of hoodies (notice the color spectrum: light to dark). I also hang my jewelry organizer on there, which is next to my belt and scarf organizer (I AM a professional organizer, after all!). On the side of the 'closet' I also hung up two hooks for excess hoodies or sweaters that I don't worry about getting wrinkled. 

It's been a really fabulous solution. The rod can hold a good amount of items and I find it easier to get dressed in the morning... a quick, creative fix that doesn't break the bank!  

Take away:  It is not about having everything be perfect, or 'just the way you like it;' it's about making things feel and be perfect in whatever way you come upon them. It's about being aware of your expectations (on how a space should look) and then working with what you do have (in this case, an awesome blog article showing you how to create a closet with less than $10.00). 

Do you have any simple solutions up your sleeve?