5 Awesome Organizing Ideas for the Kitchen


If there is any place that needs the most organization in the home, it is the kitchen. So much of our time is spent here and the thing that we do in the kitchen, prepare food, is done more efficiently when organization is in place. These are 5 awesome hacks we found that can make your kitchen a bit easier to keep in order. 

1. Mason Jars! - If you don't already use mason jars to store things, you're missing out. They are great for spices, baking products, bulk foods, and leftovers. To label them, you can tape the top or side with masking tape and use a permanent marker. Or, as is shown above, you can darken the lids with paint and use chalk. (This way it can be erased easily.)


2. Silverware Holder at an Angle - Most every silverware holder is built with four or five straight compartments. So, overtime as we keep pulling on the drawer, the silverware pushes further and further towards the back until we can no longer see it. This is a pain to deal with. 

Find some spare pieces of wood (or buy some) and take an hour of time to build a custom container. We've found that diagonal works best, because the silverware stays in place, but you may find another style that fits your kitchen. 


3. 6-Pack Condiment Holder - Next time you need to throw a party at your house, use an old 6-Pack holder for the condiments. It is simple, free, and easy to carry to the table. It can hold 


4. Paper Towels Under the Counter - This trick involves a bit more skill with handy tools, but it's an easy challenge and worth the effort. Simply take out a drawer that you don't need to use and construct a holder inside. The result is a convient place to grab a paper towel when a mess needs to be cleaned. If you have children, this can also be a great way to teach them how to clean up after themselves without the assistance from the parent. 

5. Store Containers and Lids in CD Holders - It's about time to sell all those old CDs and move to digital eh? If you find an old CD holder in the house or a cheap one at a garage sale, then you can use it to keep plastic containers and lids in order. In our experience, the place where storage containers and lids are kept is the number one place in the kitchen that always seems to get disorganized. 


We hope these were helpful. Share any of your own kitchen organizing tips in the comments section.