Ten Reasons To Start Organizing

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Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.
— A. A. Milne

There are many reasons to not start organizing today... the feeling of doing what we want, the comfort of movie and popcorn, the attitude of "whatever." 

But if we think about it a bit longer, then we will see that the reasons to start organizing hold more weight. They don't necessarily outnumber, but their worth overtime is greater and in the end finishing something you started is much more rewarding than not having started it. Before we look at the ten reasons to start organizing, let's talk about how we make the decision to organize or not. 

The human brain works at two speeds and these two speeds correlate to a short- and long-term understanding of the future. If we are faced with a problem, such as an unclean refrigerator, then our fast brain (the short-term understanding) will procrastinate and do what is most convenient. However, if we take our time and allow for our slow-moving brain (the long-term) to demonstrate its power, then we may have the refrigerator cleaned out in 15 minutes. 

We would never exercise if we focused only on the strenuous pain of working out and the pleasure of relaxing. The long-term brain understands that if we start exercising and keep exercising, then at the end of a year we will be more fit and waking up everyday we will feel physically better overall. 

When we take our time to observe the situation we will notice that the positive reasons for organizing outweigh the negative. And what may seem as discomfort at first will eventually pay off in the end.

1. Balance - Life is full of chaos and that can be exciting, but with too much chaos comes imbalance. When more facets of our lives have an organizing routine in place, we will have an increased sense of stability. We will feel more grounded. Organizing our lives and the feeling of being in balance go hand in hand.

2. Productivity - Organizing helps get things done. It allows us to see the bigger picture while also knowing where and how to start. Through correct organization we can understand how to complete a task and then feel rewarded during the task's completion.

3. Frugality - Money for many people is the number one motive for doing things and learning skills. Whether or not you agree with that principle, organizing can help save money. 

4. More Time - There are actually two reasons here. First, one of the most noticeable changes that comes with organizing is having more time. When our home and work spaces are in order, our email is cleared, and our schedules are in place, free time will begin to show up more often than before. And not only that, but as a second note, we will enjoy that new free time much more.

5. More Space - When things are put in their proper places and there is a system to keep them there, then desks are clear, cars are clean, refrigerators are ordered, rooms are spacious, everything opens up and has space breathe a little.

6. More Energy - With that extra space and time we can, (and often naturally) have more energy. Waking up in the morning is easier when we enjoy the organized spaces we live and work in.

7. Better Health - Like we said before, chaos can be exciting, but order can reduce stress. Thus, we get healthier. Also, when our work and home spaces are organized they tend to remain cleaner and open for air circulation, which lowers the chance of us getting sick. 

8. Feel Better - So if we have more energy and better health, then we feel better too! Generally in this culture we look for quick pleasures, like sitcoms, fast food, drugs, etc. We're not talking about an immediate satisfaction here, but a long-term happiness that increases overtime. There is a joy in reading one good quote from a well-written book, just like there is joy after cleaning the entire bedroom However, there is something much more fulfilling in finishing a well-written book in its entirety, like keeping a bedroom clean and in order for a long amount of time. 

9. Know Where Things Are - This seems like a no brainer. If things are organized and they stay organized, then they are easier to find. But change is rough. The most difficult part is the start and once you've adjusted to the change overtime, then you will feel better about knowing where things are.

10. Increased Overall Wellbeing - All in all, having a simple system in place that keeps our home and office spaces unlcuttered makes us happier.