Super Simple Solution to Organizing Your Keys!

The Problem

Fiddling around with your keychain and trying to remember which of your three silver keys unlocks your friends house. You're just trying to water her plants while she's away on vacation, after all!

Easy - Do-It-Yourself fix to labeling keys! 

Easy - Do-It-Yourself fix to labeling keys! 

The Solution

Using your choice of nail polish to easily label each key based on your own color association with each key! (note: I don't necessarily associate BLACK with anything but I do paint my toenails BLACK!)

The Pink is for my house key :)

Adding colored rings to the keys may be an easy solution, but I have found they add bulk and aren't as effective as simply coloring the entire head of the key (it also isn't as fun!).


Try at least two coats of polish on the key. Use a paper towel and paint one side, letting it dry. Turn it over and paint the other side, getting the sides and any nooks and crannies. Turn the key back over for the second coat, and repeat on the other side.

The result will be a professional, smooth and glossy finish.

Enjoy being creative! Have fun! 

Post your photos below of your transformed keys! 

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