Revealing Roadblocks to Reach Goals



Transparency in the Process




A great teacher enables you to accomplish you goals. As both a yoga teacher and a professional organizer, I like to not only ‘teach’ yoga poses and organizing techniques to people, but also make the process transparent so that they can see for themselves how they can grow and eventually become their own teacher – for a lifetime!


How Is It Done? What Am I Doing?




There are a few ways this can be done. It is important to first define what it is you are doing. You are working toward a goal whether it be an organizational or physical. The goal may be to maintain organization (something you do after your initial de-cluttering and organizing session) or to learn how to do side angle pose (an semi-advanced yoga pose).  Both of these final goals are not quite the easiest for beginners to get to in one step or by themselves, so it is helpful to first take a look at where the individual is in the process.  You can do this with a professional organizer or an experienced yoga teacher.



Where Do I Begin?



Let’s ask ourselves the following questions to refine our thoughts above.



1. What’s working?



Are you really good at tossing out junk mail before it piles up or can you hold plank pose for 10-20 breaths to strengthen and stabilize your core? These skills may come in handy as you move toward your goal. Give yourself credit where credit is due!



2. What’s not working?



Do you skip out on shavasana (a final relaxation pose to end a yoga practice) or throw your dressy work shoes in a pile at the bottom of your closet because you aren’t sure what else to do with them? It is important o be honest with yourself and identify your habits.



3. What is most essential to you?



Is it important to you to be ale to locate your left blue flat located somewhere in that pile in the bottom of your closet when you’re already 5 minutes late for your meeting? Do you keep hearing about the benefits of shavasana and relaxation but find that your mind continues to make excuses as to why you don’t need it? What is actually important to you in your life? When we can identify this we have a better chance of refining our goal and accomplishing it.



4. Why do you want to get organized or learn this new yoga pose?



The end goal may never come to fruition if you don’t understand why you want to reach that goal in the fist place. Is it because your friend can do the pose beautifully? Is it because you have been reading organizing blogs and think you ought to be more organized? If this goal is not something that comes from deep inside of you, it may not be worth pursuing.



5. What’s causing the problem or why are you having trouble reaching your goal?



Maybe you don’t think you can actually do it. Maybe you just haven’t really thought about it much or followed the longings of your heart and mind through to the end. Maybe you believe you don’t deserve the benefits that come from accomplishing a new yoga pose or maintaining an organized closet. These reasons may sound silly as you read them but perhaps they ring true on some level deep down.



The First Step



You have to know yourself. Your true and honest intentions and desires will need to shine through before you can understand how to reach your goal. Perhaps you won’t want to reach your goal of doing side-angle pose after you realize you had only wanted to do it because your friend does it. Maybe you realize that you actually don’t mind your shoes being in a pile (except when you’re late, again, because that blue flat has gone missing!). Being radically honest with yourself, your teacher, or your professional organizer is the first step to getting down to business.



The Second Step



Once you have tapped into your own radical intimacy it is time to take action. Devise a plan based on where you currently are in your process. Practice the pose against a wall or try organizing your flip flops by color and style to take small steps towards your goal. See if you can maintain these practices.



Keep Checking In With Yourself



Hold yourself accountable as you travel down the path to your goal. If you know this is hard for you, try asking a friend, teacher, or professional organizer to assist you along the way.



Leave comments below with what you are working on in your life and how you are removing roadblocks to reach your goals!