Ojai's Premier Concierge Service for Private Yoga

Private Yoga in Ojai is dedicated to you. We exist to serve you and your unique yoga and meditation instruction needs.

We specialize in providing top-notch yoga and meditation instruction to the Ojai community; we warmly welcome travelers and visitors.

We offer the best yoga teachers the Ojai Valley has to offer and stand behind our yoga teachers 100%. Our yoga teachers come from diverse backgrounds and they each have something special to offer in each and every Private Yoga or Meditation session.

Our yoga teachers are professionals, certified through the Yoga Alliance, and carry personal liability insurance.

Our schedule fills up fast; we are currently booking sessions through January 2018!


Bachelorette & Bridal Party

Private Yoga in Ojai offers special rates for brides and brides-to-be. We work with groups as small as a few close girlfriends to 20+ ladies looking to get centered and connect to one another before the big day!

Personal Retreat

Ojai is the perfect place for a personal and private yoga or meditation retreat. It has drawn visionaries and luminaries for decades, and for good reason! The beautiful mountains surrounding Ojai cradle you in their embrace and offer support to anyone who is willing and ready to dive in into self-inquiry and to deepen their yoga practice. We will customize a yoga experience for you; from just a one-time session to an entire week! Be sure to inquire about our weekly specials.


Hire Private Yoga in Ojai to teach a grounding, nourishing, and replenishing yoga or mediation session before the big day. Invite both sides of the family to join in on the fun!


Family Reunion

A yoga session with your family is a sure-fire way to bring everyone closer. You will feel at ease and connected in your mind, body, and spirit after your family yoga or meditation session. Enjoy one another's company after a special and memorable yoga or meditation session together. 

Meditation Session

This session is for the person who wants to skip immediately to the quiet part! The teachers at Private Yoga in Ojai will teach you some basic meditation techniques and show you how to find a comfortable position to meditate.

Baby Shower

We love working with mama's to be and their girlfriends! We will masterfully lead you through a yoga session suitable for both you and your cloest friends!